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Oh, the best laid plans of mice and men. Produced in a joint venture between long-time partners Isuzu and GM, the Duramax V-8 was a revolution in design when it first debuted -- and like many other revolutionary things, it's had a few teething problems over the years.
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If you want a louder whistle from your turbo and have it spool up a little quicker here is what you do. Take off the turbo resonator- you know the plastic box that says 6.6 turbo diesel on it on top of the motor. Go to the hardware store or home depot and get a 2" plastic or rubber test plug and block off the hole that the resonator sits on.
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For only $3 you can delete your resonator and increase the sound of the turbo and whistle. It sounds great! Its definitely louder! Duramax loud turbo whistle...
I own my first diesel truck which is a 2008 Chevy 2500HD. I have noticed that there are some diesel trucks around that have a more audible turbo whistle than others. I am sure that this is due to some modifications. I would like to increase the whistle on my truck because it just simply sounds good. This is a complete drop-in performance turbocharger built by the professionals at Garrett which provides extra flow, efficiency and durability, delivering the boost you need. With a 65mm compressor wheel, this turbo will outflow the stock turbo and have a noticeable whistle. This upgraded turbo is capable of up to 590 HP at the flywheel.
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The KC stage 1 61mm turbo works great on stock injectors, it is specifically designed for guys looking to push stock injectors to the max without the extra lag of bigger turbos. This turbo is meant for the guys who tow heavy, want quick spool, more power, but don't want the extra lag associated with other larger stage 1.5/pmax/S2 turbos. The ...
Hey everyone!!!, this is a video on how to make your diesel whistle alot more, louder, and at a lower RPM hope you all enjoy!!COMMENT!RATE!!SUBSCRIBE!!!
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May 06, 2020 · Precision Turbo & Engine is a leader in turbocharger technology for street and race applications. Precision offers a full line of custom turbochargers, accessories, intercoolers, fuel injectors and stand alone engine management systems.
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Aug 28, 2017 · Photo 14/35 | The IHI turbo used by the LB7 Duramax uses an external wastegate actuator, which is reused by Fleece for the Cheetah turbo. Each actuator is tested to ensure proper, leak-free ...
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O.K. Guys here's the story. I have an 07 C.C. SE 4X4 with 325/60/18 Toyo Tires, Injen intake, Magnaflow exhaust and 2 degree timing. The Duramax is a 07.5 (LMM New Body Style) 2wd 2500 all stock except the muffler is cut off and a S&B intake, NO TUNE! I know this, because this is my brothers... Engineering doing a quick impromptu run with the Predator GXR-7 Turbo on the LML Duramax. Whistle on! More information @ turbotimeusa.com # turbotimeperformance # turbotimeusa # performance # turbochargers # turbodiesel # dieseltrucks # dieselarmy # dieselpowermagazine # dieselracing # engineering # garrett # duramax # duramaxdiesel ...
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Nov 12, 2020 · Chevy 2500 Silverado Duramax Diesel - 2016 -No issues, but ran into a deer and it took over 2 months to get it fixed and one window still had a whistle (never hit a deer way off the beaten path...and never settle for the local "I can fix-it" mechanic when they finally tow you out). Traded it in for 85% of our initial cost. Diesel Turbo Decal Sticker Cummins Duramax Powerstroke. 10.00. View Details. ... White Vinyl Decal Hear Whistle See Smoke Power Stroke Ford Diesel Sticker Truck. 4.50.
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This turbo is a great upgrade for your daily driver and also for competition. The 10 blade turbine gives this turbo the loud whistle and performance that will leave others in the dust! · Drop In turbo no modifications needed · Liquid cooled center .
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