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Use a small piece of wire (not supplied) to connect W and Y terminals. Set fan operation switch to electric. Optional 24 VAC common connection when thermostat is used in battery power mode. RC RH Y C W G C L2 L1 (HOT) R HEAT RELAY FAN RELAY COMPRESSOR RELAY 6 2 1 FAN RELAY COMPRESSOR RELAY 6 2 HEAT RELAY FAN RELAY 6 2 Typical 1H/1C heat pump ...
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The air conditioner was working only if we messed w/the thermostat for awhile then we changed the thermostat and now it doesn’t work at all even w/the original thermostat. There is power going to both unit and wires but wont go on with switch. If the thermostat loses power, then the thermostat will not control the temperature which could result in your HVAC system not functioning as you intended and lead to possible damage from overheating or excessive cooling.
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6. At the thermostat location, take the same colored wire and attach to C. 7. Place the thermostat on the base and apply power to your equipment. Option #3 Add-A-Wire The third way to add a wire is to install the ACC0410 Add-A-Wire accessory. Add-A-Wire allows two thermostat signals to be controlled from one thermostat wire. 1.
thermostat. When you select One, Rc and Rh are internally jumpered. When you select Two, Rc and Rh require their own transformer. If you connected wires to Rh and Rc during installation, select Two. If not, select One. Installations without a Common (C) Wire If your current thermostat does not have a wire connected to C, the following options are available: 1) Repurpose the G wire as a C wire per instructions below.
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Connect one of the low voltage wires to the relay coil, and the other to one side of the barrel plug socket. Then connect the other side of the barrel plug socket to the other side of the relay coil. The low voltage will power the relay coil, interrupted by the barrel plug socket.
Nest Heating & Cooling Thermostat Installation & wiring: Detailed photographs and text describe how to how to install, set, troubleshoot & repair a Nest Learning Thermostat, beginning with removing the old wall thermostat, labeling its wires, preparing the wall for the new thermostat, then installing the Nest Thermostat and getting it working nicely.
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Like mentioned already, when you have no power to your thermostat, there are several reasons why this could be happening. For your convenience, use this simply checklist: Inspect the breaker box to see if a breaker has been tripped. If so, reset it. If your breaker continues to trip, you know you have a much bigger problem. Clean your thermostat.
Dec 25, 2017 · If that is burned out all power to the thermostat will be lost. 95% of all units use some sort of SLOT FUSE or inline BUS STYLE FUSE to protect the low voltage circuit. You need to find that and change it out. If you just bump two wires together you could have just popped it without even knowing it. Jun 29, 2013 · Expected a 5 wire system. Found only, white, green, and blue. What's missing, yellow! I have red plugged into Rh and jumped to Rc, white into w, green into g, and blue into C. I have no yellow wire to plug into Y meaning my Ac unit will now power on but thermostat is audible when switching to cool mode. What am I doing wrong?
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Jun 21, 2018 · Though it is a common notion, it may be incorrect to state that the C-wire powers the thermostat. Typically, the wires that give the power supply (usually termed as the ‘hot’ wires) are marked Rc (for cooling) and Rh (for heating). They give a 24-volt power supply from the HVAC system’s control panel.
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Carefully disconnect and label the wires from your old thermostat one at a time, using the labels provided. STEP 5 TIP 1 If you have a jumper between Rc, Rh, or R, leave it alone. Only label the wires that run from your wall into a terminal block. TIP 2 To install accessories (humidifier, dehumidifier or ventilator)
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Wait for few seconds and check the RH wire status on the Nest Thermostat display. If this fixed the issue, you have to drain out all water from the AC unite water collecting pan and make sure no block in the drainage pipe.
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the primary power source for your thermostat. Without a C wire, your thermostat will not power up. 3 Label wires. Do not label by wire color. Use the supplied sticky tags to label each wire as you disconnect it. Label wires according to the old thermostat terminal designations, not by wire color. Note: If no tag matches a wire
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