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Jul 28, 2010 · When I get over 60 mph and let off of the gas there is a grinding/rattling noise. It is very loud, but doesn't seem to affect anything as far as power/performance. If I press the gas pedal it goes away, but as soon as I take my foot off the gas it is back. Once my speed gets below 60 mph the noise is gone.
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From letting off the gas there is a thunk. The front driveshaft will rotate by hand a good bit and I'm not sure how much play is acceptable in the drivetrain. But, one of the symptoms before the leak was a 'thud' when he let off the gas. Might be worth draining the xfer case and checking the magnet to see...
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i just got my jeep last month and been wondering what's the whining noise when accelerating at 100kph and its gets louder until i reach 140kph it stops. it sound like i have a TC or SC. and when i let off my foot on gas pedal, i didn't hear any whining noise and when i let my foot on the gas pedal again, i can hear that noise again.
Let off the gas :evil: sorry i couldn't help myself. My mother used to have an 01 cobra and i know in that car it would rev a little bit as soon as you pushed the clutch in after being on the accelerator, her vette does it, my boss does it too, there is a slight rev after applying the clutch between 2K and 3.5K anything higher or lower than that and the rpms just drop down to idle I don't know ... dying when he stopped giving it gas. I mentioned this guy's post because I'm wondering if disconnecting my battery to do the oil pump The oil pressure light could be unrelated actually. If it comes on as or just before the car stalls, it could be simply that the rpms have dropped too much.
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I picked up the car from TSB work on Monday. Yesterday I started noticing a noise when I press or depress the gas pedal. You can really hear it in the...
I finally got the bike someone road worthy and took it out for a spin. When i take off, it stutters really bad til about 4k rpms, then it smooths out til about 8000rpms, then it starts to stutter again. I cant figure it out. ive tried changing the pc3 maps, but it doesnt seem to change much. I...
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Feb 18, 2018 · The idea is that when you screw IN the idle screw, the idle screw forces the slide UP, opens up the throat of the carburetor and increases rpm's. Screw OUT the idle screw and the slide drops DOWN and closes off the throat of the carburetor thus decreasing rpm's. Plus the spring should not be too tight or fight you when putting on the cap.
I believe the key here is "when I let off the throttle". If it were throttle body needing cleaned, it'd shake at low RPMs.....usually when you let off the throttle on the highway it doesn't drop to 700 RPMs where carbon buildup on a throttle body...
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I know it's not from lugging because it does it at high rpm's. doesn't clunk when letting out the clutch. Only after being under way. if i let the gas off really slow our give it gas really slow, no clunk. Just when I let up on the gas all the way. Sent from my SCH-I500 using Tapatalk
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Nov 13, 2005 · are you letting it warm up? my car kinda hesitates, and in very cold (for this area) weather it has actually stalled out (I have a '99 BMW 528iT which didn't have any problems with it when I took it in last). the warmer the engine gets, though, the less.. "violent" (for lack of a better term) the hesitations get; once it's fairly warm, it's fine. doesn't do it at all in the summer.
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Let’s say you want to turn a two-wheel-drive ICE car into four-wheel drive. Now you need to transmit the power from the engine, which sits in the front of the car, to the back of the car.
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Why am I running rich after letting off the gas pedal on a normal cruise. My Afr would go to about 9.0 I'm breaking in the new motor and I just did an idle and cruise tune and still having issues of running rich after letting off on throttle. I will post log when I get home, but how to post a log when max limit is 488kb, my cruise log is about 1mb?
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